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  • My experience and impressions about interstate travel made using the Buser app – “Bus trips with more comfort at the lowest price”.

    I was on a trip to the state of Espirito Santo when I received a message from a friend inviting me to try the Buser app.

    He told me that it was an app where several companies offered cheaper tickets to different destinations with direct sales and boarding in easy places.

    At first I was a little apprehensive, but he was so convincing that I decided to test it out and looked for a trip directly in the app.

    I was in Piuma city, but unfortunately I didn’t find any destination offered by Buser that I liked, so I decided to book a ticket with the destination Vitória – E.S x Rio de Janeiro – R.J, because it was the closest to the destination I wanted.

    Pick-up and drop-off locations of Buser x Traditional-company:

    On the way I had to use the normal boarding and disembarkation, I took the bus from the traditional company at Rodoviária Novo Rio, where getting in and out is the most stressful part of the trip. It seems that they do everything to make you unable to move there easily. It is difficult to take any bus line and/or app cars, taxi drivers take care of all accesses, bothering and trying to prevent passengers from using another means of transport. Apart from that the surroundings of the bus station are strange, dark and unsafe. I just hate that place.

    Still on the way out, I dropped it off at the bus station as well, in Espírito Santo the bus station is more accessible and easier to get around both to arrive and to leave.

    On the way back, using the Buser App, boarding in Vitória was very quiet, in a square called Praça do Papa – Enseada do Suá, VIX – R. Belmiro Rodrigues da Silva, 145 – Enseada do Suá, Vitória – ES , 29050-435.
    The boarding took place in the parking lot located in Praça do Papa. The buses were located inside the parking lot next to the Brazilian Navy. A well lit and apparently very safe place.

    My arrival in Rio de Janeiro was at Largo do Machado, Catete, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22220-001. The bus stopped right at the entrance of the Largo do Machado subway, where there was, in addition to the subway, a great offer of buses, Taxis, Uber and etc for locomotion.

    The Buser-traditional-company vehicles:

    The traditional company’s vehicle was a travel bus with semi-sleeper seats, assigned seats and a bathroom on board.

    The vehicle offered by the Buser application, on the other hand, was not the one in pink that is presented on the website, but from a Buser partner company called Turispall Turismo like the one in the image below. The vehicle was also a travel bus with semi-sleeper seats and a bathroom on board. The only difference was that the seat was not assigned, at the time of boarding you get on the bus and settle in the empty spot.

    The Buser-traditional-company vehicles

    Ticket prices Buser x Traditional-company:

    My first surprise when purchasing the ticket was the price. Through the traditional company, the one-way destination for the ticket I bought was R$208.00 (two hundred and eight reais).

    The destination back with Buser was R$83.90 (eighty-three reais and ninety cents). This saved me more than 60% in the fares.

    Conclusion of my experience:

    Although I was suspicious, as it was my first trip using an app bus, I was quite satisfied with the services offered, as the bus was of good quality, the boarding and disembarkation places were easily accessible and the passage was very significant.

    To learn more about the Buser application, click the button below:

    And you, have you had any experience with the trips offered by the Buser app? Leave your report in the comments form below.

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